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Tas Danazoglou

Tattoo Artist

Greek born Tas Danazoglou has been tattooing for 28 years starting his career in 1995 in Athens. Since then, Tas has travelled extensively, working in a multitude of world renowned tattoo shops in the UK, Spain, Germany and Belgium - including Into You Tattoo and Seven Doors Tattoo.

Specialising in traditional Japanese and oriental tattooing, Tas finds his inspiration within asian culture and the feudal wars of Japan. 

Over the last 3 decades, Tas has been featured in many publications and boasts an impressive tattoo portfolio and music discography. His love for Japan has also led Tas to dedicate himself to the marital art of Ninjustu.

Click HERE to view his portfolio.

Scary Terry

Tattoo Artist

Scary Terry has been 5 years, specialising in photo realistic and geometric tattooing. 

At a young age Scary Terry had a passion for art and graffiti which soon evolved into a successful career in tattooing. 

Click HERE to see his work.

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Mat Le Black

Tattoo Artist

Mat Le Black has been tattooing since 2012, specialising in geometric, ornamental, dot work, heavy blackwork and tribal tattooing.

Inspired by ancient tribes, mythology and primitive arts Mattias particularly enjoys tattooing projects that are on the larger scale, which compliment the body's natural flow and form.

Mat has been drawing since a really young age. He never really sort out tattooing as a profession but has since gone on to win 12 international awards.

Click HERE to view his portfolio. 


Tattoo Artist

Menios works with an attention to detail you’ve got to see to believe. From the simplest traditional designs to the most complex and ambitious pieces, we promise you’ll walk away happy with his work. 

Menios specialises in Japanese and traditional tattooing.

Click HERE to view his portfolio.

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Tattoo Artist

Having worked under the direct guidance of Tas Danazoglou for a few years now, Dourakos has delved into the art of traditional Japanese tattooing. From small scale work to larger scale work such as sleeves and backpieces.

Dourakos takes the same care with small "walk-in" style tattoos, as he does with his larger scale work. 

Click HERE to view his portfolio. 

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